My love for magic began when I was eight years old in Cocoa, Florida. My father Bill Cannon was a school teacher and magician. He used magic as a tool while teaching. One morning before school he made a silver ball float around the room. That moment sparked my curiosity, which turned into a passion for magic. I started practicing everyday, preforming for my friends and family and at talent shows. When I was 13, I booked my first professional magic show. After the show was over I knew I wanted to pursue a career as a magician. Throughout my years I performed all over Florida, from Jacksonville to Orlando to Tampa. I did shows in restaurants and resorts for both private and corporate events.

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In 2010 I moved to Anchorage, Alaska and built my company there. Within a short time my entertainment company took off and I started performing all over Alaska from Nome to Juneau. Every summer, I am the headlining entertainer at the Tanana Valley Fair in Fairbanks Alaska and The Kenai Peninsula fair. I’m also the resident magician at The Alaska State Fair. I have made multiple TV appearances and done YouTube features. I’ve also done interviews on popular radio stations. I have entertained hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States.

In 2017, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to grow and become a full time Magician and Illusionist. My wife and I picked Arizona to be our central hub for my career. Now I perform all over the United States. I travel from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between. I’m not your basic magician. My specialty is not catered to one specific age group. I offer multiple different shows, with many options available. I have a Preschool magic show. I offer a children’s magic show. I  also have an amazing stage illusion show. I even offer close-up magic that will leave you speechless. I have done trade shows for different corporations to generate more leads. I also have a fundraiser opportunity that is highly successful. All my shows are high energy and include crowd participation and comedy. The very first magic set, I received was so special to me that I designed my own Easy Magic Kit with almost exactly the same tricks I started with. They are now available on my website. I have 4 different magic sets available, for all skill levels.

My Magic show options take me all over the United States. There is no show too big or too small and I provide the best magical entertainment. I have over 150, 5 star reviews. I pride myself on giving my clients and their guests the best possible experience. From a magic show filled with big stage illusions to one that is up close and personal with a deck of playing cards, I will provide you with an experience you’ll never forget!

Robbie and his Parents
I would like to thank my mom and dad for sparking my passion and my career in magic.